“We have been using Biota Cleanz for the last 25 days and have got very good results. The first 10 days, we used combination of the solution and water in the ratio 1:10 and sprayed it in the garden area, septic tank and in 8 washrooms attached to the property.On the 3rd day, we observed a considerable reduction in bad odour and mosquitoes and after 7 days it was completely eliminated. We tried another method after 10 days; 200ml of processed Biota Cleanz in 1L of water. This solution was sprayed in the garden area and compound using a hand sprayer. There have been no mosquitoes till date. I strongly recommend Biota Cleanz.”
-T Sivaraman
Proprietor – Sarma’s Press, Ganesh Nagar, Pudukkottai
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